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Carlos Sargedas

Festival Director

President of The Arrabida Film Commission


After months of work we arrived at the 8th edition A year of successes with the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival to be recognized as one of the best in the world being in the TOP 100 of the Filmfreeway platform three times this year, platform that has 7500 international festivals from all over the world.

A year where the Arrábida Film Commission organiser of this Festival, has been growing in its participation and collaboration in the coming of new films and cinematographic productions in the region of Arrábida.

The jury in this edition, consisting of 19 members of the film and tourism areas, from several countries, once again had the difficult task of seeing, judging and classifying all the films, reaching the choice of the winners.

In this issue, we received 105 films from 50 countries. Having Turkey as a "special guest" country very early our institutional relations were in the meeting to bring some of its culture to the Finisterra Festival.

To highlight the strong Portuguese participation in this festival being the country with the greatest participation ever with 25 films showing more and more that we are side by side with the best.

Today the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival is a world reference and one of the best festivals in its genre at international level. It proves the participation of numerous filmmakers and producers, but also the many international news, institutional invitations and partnership with other festivals of great international prestige. One of the main attractions of the festivals are the friends we make, what we learn from others and the professional and institutional relations we have established, thus strengthening bonds. I am proud to see productions whose teams were supported by other members known here at the Finisterra Festival. Also, this year two television shows were made in our region of Arrábida by director Jaswant Sheresta who after coming last year to my invitation returns this year also as President of the jury. The festival continues to grow, and I hope to continue to count on your participation.

Until next year...


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