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Geoff Tompkinson


The ‘Father’ of timelapse

For more than 30 years Geoff Tompkinson has traveled the world as a photographer and timelapse video producer.

Geoff produced the first ever digitally produced commercial timelapse clips, before DSLR’s were available, using a homemade intervalometer with one of the early Nikon Coolpix cameras. He went on to become the world’s first fulltime professional digital timelapse shooter. It was many years before others joined him.

More recently he pioneered ‘HyperZoom’ which enables production of a continuous single take video that takes the viewer on an impossible, incredible journey. His time-lapse and real-time footage regularly appears on television all over the world as well as in major Hollywood movies.

He now lives in Austria and spends most of his time producing motorcycle videos for fun in the Alps under the psudonym ‘The Honorary Austrian’

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