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Octávio Marques

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Octávio Marques started his career as a cameraman in the portuguese public television - RTP - in 1978.

In the next 10 years he worked mainly as a production cameraman shooting entertainment shows, musicals, theater plays, operas, sports events, such as Formula 1 and talk shows.

In 1988 he joined a new production company, Intervídeo, and started the editing process has well as shooting as a lighting cameraman.

In 1990 he created his own company - Senso - and kept working in documentaries series and weekly shows for RTP.

In 1993 he shot and directed the documentary Luís Pinto-Coelho, um Português em Espanha a 50m film about the life of the Portuguese painter and artist.

Between 1994 and 1995, he shot and directed 45 TV documentaries for the series "Histórias que o Tempo Apagou".

Between 1995 and 1996, he shot and directed 45 TV documentaries for the series "Lendas e Narrativas".

In the following years he supervised the direction of 316 episodes of the "Horizontes da Memória" TV historical series and around 500 episodes of "A Alma e a Gente".

He also shot and edited several TV series as "Aviação em Portugal", "Portugal e o Mar", "A Vida Como Ela É", biographical documentaries and many more.

2011 was the year that he saw two movies shot and edited by him, with director Nunes Forte, getting 2nd and 3rd prizes at the Art&Tur Film Festival for the Religious Tourism and Rural Tourism sections, respectively.

In 2008, in a partnership with director Alberto Rocco, co-directed the film "A Bússola".

More recently, in 2015, also with Alberto Rocco, they directed the film "O Esquema", still in post-production.

Last year the same duo directed the short "O Hospedeiro H653" that was granted, last November, with the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Awards of Recognition for the direction and best male actor, Alberto Rocco.

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