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III Conference Cinema and Tourism

07Mai - 14:30 | IPA/ISEC (Lisboa)

  • "The power of travelshow as a tool for social inclusion" [PT]
    António Aleixo, off line director

AntonioAleixoAntónio Aleixo is a creative director and a senior offline editor with 9 years of international experience. Brings us to the conference the theme: "The Power of travelshow as tool for social inclusion."
The format travelshow typically focuses on turisticaly most desirable aspects of locals. But in an era of constant social change and in which the general public is already largely confronted with the sad side of the coin about what really goes on in the so-called emerging economies, the appetite for truth, for the nastiest / unfair side of these societies is today growing.

  • "Lisboa Film Commission: Filming in Lisbon. Facts and Figures" [PT]
    Cristina Matos, Lisboa Film Commission

CristinaMatosSilva LFCWith a degree in Social and Cultural Communication (Journalism) from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and a Post Graduation Degree in "Cultural Management in the Cities" from INDEG/ISCTE, began her professional activity at the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA) in the following areas: institucional communication, media and international relations, with a regular presence at international meetings (cinema and audiovisual support funds) and international film festivals. Over the years has been working with various cultural institutions/entities (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, experimentadesign, among others) in the promotion and dissemination of cultural projects in different areas, such as: cinema, music, theater, design, architecture, social responsability, etc.. Currently she is working as Film Commissioner at the Lisboa Film Commission (an entity created on October 2012 by the Lisbon Municipality).

Rita RodriguesCurrently Executive Coordinator of the Lisbon Film Commission (an entity created in October 2012 by the Lisbon Municipality), has been developing activities in the cultural sector. Before was the coordinator of the exhibitions programme of MUDE – Museum of Fashion and Design, managed the department of galleries and ateliers of the Municipality of Lisbon, coordinated the activities of Casa Fernando Pessoa and worked at the international relations bureau of the City of Lisbon. Degree in Sociology at ISCTE and Master in Economic Activity Systems at ISEG.

  • "The Parque Natural da Arrábida A area to discover, enjoy and preserve" [PT]
    Eduardo Carqueijeiro, Chefe de Divisão de Licenciamento e Avaliação de Projetos do DCNFLVT (Departamento de Conservação da Natureza e Florestas Lisboa e Vale do Tejo) do ICNF

Eduardo CarqueijeiroClose to Lisbon and the Sado estuary, the Natural Park includes several mountains namely Arrábida, S. Luís, Louro, S.Francisco and Risco and also the promontory of Cape Espichel. The marine park’s area extends along 38km of the south coast of Setúbal’s peninsula, between the Arrábida Mountain and cape Espichel, from the Figuerinha beach to Foz beach. It also incorporates the European network for conservation of nature (Nature 2000).
The Arrábida Natural Park was created in 1976 and owes its name to the main geomorphological unit of the whole area, designated as Arrábida range. Today it comprises 17.000 hectares of which 5.000 are marine.

Moderator: Jonas Cardoso, Assessor para o Turismo da Câmara Municipal Sesimbra



08Mai - 14:30 | IPA/ISEC (Lisboa)

  • "Virtual studios for cinema and television" [PT]
    Carlos Alberto Henriques, Colorize

Carlos Alberto Henriques...

  • "Film-induced tourism in Lisbon, the case of Lisbon Movie Tour" [PT]
    Liliana Navarra, Lisbon Movie Tour

Liliana NavarraPhD in Film at the New University of Lisbon, with a thesis on João César Monteiro, is the creator of Lisbon Movie Tour. She also shoots freelance journalist, member of AIM - Association of Researchers of the Moving Image and independent researcher. Her focus of attention is between the Cinema, Photography and Anthropology. Collaborating for several years in the international festival circuit. Currently devoted to research on film tourism.
The Lisbon Movie Tour is a pioneer project in Portugal, which invites visitors to stroll through the places where scenes were shot from famous movies, making known or rediscover street corners, buildings and landscapes made ​​immortal through the eyes of filmmakers, actors and characters as Wim Wenders, Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons, James Bond, John Malkovich and Manoel de Oliveira.

  • "Story Trail" [PT]
    Nuno Alves, Exciting Space

NunoAlvesStoryTrail, a project of the Portuguese creative studio Exciting Space, is a mobile app containing geo-located video trails of people showing you the local places they know and love! The simplest way to explain our concept is to make a comparison with audio guides, which allow us listen to information at different points along a tour. StoryTrail is a huge leap forward on this, using short films to allow us to fully enjoy the passionate story-telling and personalities of our presenters as they show us around their favourite places

Moderator: Eduardo Cunha Cruz, Direção de Relações Externas,Empregabilidade e Comunicação do IPA