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29Mai - 15:00 | Clube Sesimbrense

The importance of Music in Cinema and Audiovisual


15:00 - Samuel Morais Composer, SamProject [PT]


The creation of SamProject, came after accomplishing a few dreams, and nowadays is everything but a personal project. Our services go from video capture, to editing for third parties. Consulting for equipment that are reliable facing professional workload. Everything is done inhouse or by professional hired for specific projects. In resume we offer solutions within the audiovisuals services for private and public companies.

The companie borns from the need for autonomy. From the need to have a creative space where time, wasn't an obstacle. When I thought about creating SamProject company I wasn't focus on video, I was operating mostly on audio systems and consultancy. But in 2013 I gather with IAP-MAI, and I lost the will to base my company in a small non regulated business. SamProject is a combination of all the crafts around image and sound, and therefor air imagery complements the full pack we offer.

15:40 - Miguel Valadares Composer [PT]


Miguel began his musical journey when, at the age of seven, sitting at his paternal grandmother´s piano and looking at the oil paintings that decorated the walls of that room, he improvised his first notes and heard the strange noises that came from within that great and old instrument.

These were the moments that triggered everything that was to follow. During his youth, Miguel was influenced by the pioneers of electronic music.
From the works of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, the fantastic live operas of Karlheinz Stockhausen with their choirs and sound spatializations to the work of great artists and groups such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze. He began his career as a forming member of the Portuguese Progressive Rock band Forgotten Suns. He played with the band extensively from 1993-2010 contributing as co-composer, producer and keyboards player to projects such as the album "Fiction Edge - Ascent" (2000), as well as "Innergy" (2009) and "Revelations" (2010).

Later, Miguel started MV Studios where he developed an interesting work in the production of musical bands and projects for video and film. It was at that time that he received the invitation of the film director Carlos Sargedas to make the soundtrack of the documentary "Cabo Espichel in Lands of a Lost World" This documentary, gathered the most varied international awards, including the award for best soundtrack at HIMPFF - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival in 2016.

16:20 - Conrad Harvey Actor, Voice Actor, Singer, Composer Multi Instrument [EUA]


Conrad Harvey is a US based voice actor, singer/ songwriter, multi instrumentalist and co-founder of the musical band Trismalux.

His voice has been featured in hundreds of commercials the world over and in several time-lapse films by Nobilis Bellator of Spain and other time-lapse films by Paulo Ferreira of Portugal which have won well over 50 laurels in dozens of film festivals around the world including Finisterra Arrábida film festival.

He is honored to be attending Finisterra Arrábida for the 2nd year in a row and speaking for the first time at this great festival.

17:00 - Marco Magrini Writer, Journalist [IT]

The Brain at the Cinema
How light, sound and a (nice) plot can hack human neurons


60, journalist, writes about science and technology, lives in Lisbon. His latest book, «The Brain. A User’s Manual», has been  published in Italy and France, with a Chinese, English, Russian and Polish edition coming soon. He is a regular contributor to the Italian daily “La Stampa” and to “Geographical”, London’s Royal Geographical Society magazine.

17:40 - Barbara Roveda Writer, Editor [IT]


Barbara Roveda, from Milan, has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.

Enthusiastic traveller and lover of cultural diversity, she works as professional journalist, she speaks German and English and she dominates other European languages as well.
After some experiences in the field of translations and interpreting, she dedicated herself to the tourism sector through numerous experiences of international mobility.

Her collaboration with publications of Cairo Editore began in 1998, revolving around the theme of tourism in all its forms: culture, architecture, gastronomy, lifestyle, hospitality; she also edited the texts of the two books "In volo su Londra" and "Lombardia dal cielo" by White Star.

From over 15 years Barbara Roveda works as editor in travel publications of Cairo Editore, such as "In Viaggio" and "Bell'Europa", taking part in the creation of on-site services.

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