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Carry Me Home

CATEGORY Promotion, Destinations
DURATION 00:02:47
PRODUCER Behind The Mask
DIRECTOR Florian Fischer
SYNOPSIS We had a ton of fun visiting Fred Buyle in his beautiful home in the Azores. Hamdan Chowdhury played chicken with the Blue Sharks ... Flo got seasick at Princess Alice Banks and Maximilian Schwarz chrashed a drone on a vulcano. But at the same time we got to explore the beautiful Island of Faial, fell in love with Norberto Serpa and his crew from Norberto Diver, got to swim with a submarine and had a coffee in the morning for less than 20 Cents. Fred ... you are an amazing man ... we don't care that you are hiding from the world on your little island ... we know where you live and we will come back. Because now we are addicted to the rough beauty of the Azores.

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