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Portuguese Coastal Way - Santiago Way


CATEGORY Promotion
COUNTRY Portugal
DURATION 00:05:39
DIRECTOR Antonio Luis Campos
SYNOPSIS This project is about the Santiago Way, the largest pilgrimage in the Catholic world, ending in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with thousands of pilgrims doing the trails all year round. The motivations are various – challenge, personal discovery, spirituality and religion. Most of them unrelated to faith, regardless of origin. The video shows the experiences anyone can get, focused on the 5 senses and having underlying the feeling that a very large community gathers around the Northwest of Iberian Peninsula towards a single point in the map. This video aims to be a document to the welcoming way to Santiago, seen by the eyes of a pilgrim. A way lined with hospitable folks, with a ready smile. A mild climate, gentle slopes, and corners where you feel like stopping. It may be a calling. Or just an invitation to follow a historic route of Santiago, in a perfect balance between effort and comfort.

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