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Czechs Rescue the European bison


CATEGORY Documentary
COUNTRY Czech Republic
DURATION 00:26:00
PRODUCER Ceska Televize; Agentura Dry; Zoo Liberec
DIRECTOR Zdenek Suchy
SYNOPSIS European bison, horse, aurochs ... In historic times, all of these large mammals used to be part of our landscape where they helped to maintain a type of environment that has been almost completely replaced by fields and forests in Bohemia and Moravia – a treeless, shrub and flowery savannah or steppe. In an abandoned piece of landscape near the Benátky nad Jizerou town, in a former Milovice military training area, biologist Miloslav Jirků and journalist Dalibor Dostál found an ideal place for their courageous ecological experiment – the return of large ungulates to the Czech landscape. And the work is going well. Bisons, horses and aurochs live happily and reproduce in the landscape which they transform by their teeth and hooves – and more and more species of animals, birds, insects and plants are quietly returning to places which they just as quietly disappeared from not long time ago...

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