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Projeto Descubra - Lisboa


CATEGORY Promotion
COUNTRY Portugal
DURATION 00:04:44
PRODUCER Pedro Antino
DIRECTOR Pedro Antino
SYNOPSIS 'Projeto Descubra' is a program of immersive travelling that transports the viewer into the eyes and ears of the traveller. We create the experience using sound design, point of view imagery and an interactive edition to build empathy with the viewer, ensuring that the public feels the sensations of exploring a city. We evoke three different feelings, depending on the participants: Nostalgia, for those whom have lived in the place. Self esteem for those living in the city, but fail to recognize the beauty of the everyday. Finally, Desire, for those who have never been in the city or country, but after our immersive experience, wish to visit. Do you want to discover Lisbon in 4 minutes?

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