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Out of the Black & Into the Blue: Chapter #9. FORGOTTEN ISLANDS

CATEGORY Promotion
DURATION 00:03:29
PRODUCER Alex del Olmo
DIRECTOR Alex del Olmo
SYNOPSIS The Forgotten Islands aka Southeast Moluccas (Maluku Tenggara) covers an extensive area of eastern Indonesia of 1000 kilometers (more than 600 miles) of archipielagos from Timor to West Papua. Isolated and almost unpopulated area the “Forgotten Islands” have been isolated from Indonesia for a long time. The waters are crystal clear with a great visibility. Probably I found one of the most colorful coral reefs I ever seen with magnificent hard corals and soft corals as well, plenty of fish action. But you can also dive in almost spectacular walls, incredible drop offs, astonishing overhangs teeming up with large fish and pelagics and rare critters. Definelty the Forgotten Islands should be a must have in any divers bucket list.

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