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Nessun Dorma

CATEGORY Timelapse
DURATION 00:05:35
PRODUCER Txema Ortiz
DIRECTOR Txema Ortiz
SYNOPSIS A project made in 4 months recorded in different locations of the Navarra geography. I wanted to reflect different environments by changing the color tone in each scene, after making the white balance, thus generating a very different, dark, inhospitable and inert, celestial, ... trying to find the beauty of still life and with little vegetation to leave the topics of the infrared photography that is done with a lot of vegetation. A trip through different spaces through doors trying to awaken sensations. The video consists of three different spaces, the first something dark and dark, another distant, desert and inhospitable, and the last (giving blue color) with water as the protagonist that gives color, something heavenly and paradisiacal, showing parts of still life as trunks and trees without leaves. A walk of the soul through different doors entering different worlds.

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