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Juca Fonseca

juri JucaFonseca

Industrial Chemistry, graduated from Federal University of Santa Maria – RS, Brazil, writer, composer, screenwriter and cultural producer. He is also a member of Bahia Sectorial Collegiate of Audiovisual Content and he is the Manager of Arraial Cine Fest in Arraial D’Ajuda , Bahia, Brazil

Geoff Tompkinson


The ‘Father’ of timelapse

For more than 30 years Geoff Tompkinson has traveled the world as a photographer and timelapse video producer.

Geoff produced the first ever digitally produced commercial timelapse clips, before DSLR’s were available, using a homemade intervalometer with one of the early Nikon Coolpix cameras. He went on to become the world’s first fulltime professional digital timelapse shooter. It was many years before others joined him.

More recently he pioneered ‘HyperZoom’ which enables production of a continuous single take video that takes the viewer on an impossible, incredible journey. His time-lapse and real-time footage regularly appears on television all over the world as well as in major Hollywood movies.

He now lives in Austria and spends most of his time producing motorcycle videos for fun in the Alps under the psudonym ‘The Honorary Austrian’

João Proença


João Lopes Ribeiro Proença is a 36 year old Sesimbrense. He graduatted in Public Relations and Advertising but soon decided to dive in the art and show business so he decided to study the General Sound Engineering course of both Live and Studio environment in ETIC. His next step was more then 10 years in freelance work in music and sonoplasty of several projetcs, events production and tour management as well.

Nowadays he is the Cultural Programmer in Cineteatro Municipal João Mota in Sesimbra after 4 years in consulting the youth office of his homeland wich is the territory he decided to invest both personal as professional wise.

Laura Carlos


Laura Carlos is Executive Board Member, Project Manager & PR at the Algarve Film Commission since 2009. Daughter of portuguese mother and argentinian father she was born in Buenos Aires and lived her childhood in New York during the 80’s, a multicultural place that stimulated her natural creative flair and passion for the arts. Skilled in Design, Photography and Film, she has a degree in Design Communication, a master’s degree in Cultural Management focused in the area of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the University of Algarve, and is post graduated in Web Design by the Boston University.

Currently based in Faro, besides regional film commissioner duties, Laura takes part in multidisciplinary projects where Arts, Culture, Film & Tourism are mixed and has a demonstrated history of work in cultural projects with a strong audiovisual component.

Brief presentation of the projects is available on her Linkedin page.

Cláudio Teixeira


Cláudio Teixeira, 42 years old, born in Angola, graduated from the technical school of image and communication in 1998 with one of the best notes of the same year.

He is currently one of the senior editors of one of Europe's largest producers, Plural Entertainemnet, Media Capital Group.In his vast 22-year curriculum he has worked as a senior editor of entertainment programs, advertising and institutional videos.

As coordinator editor worked in telefilmes, soap operas and series.It has two nominations for the International Emmy Awards with the soap opera "Mulheres" 2017 and with "Ouro Verde" 2018 where it earns its first Emmy.

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