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António Sousa Dias


Composer, multimedia artist and researcher, António de Sousa Dias, Ph.D. in Musicology (Paris 8) and graduated in composition (Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa), divides its activities between creation, research and teaching. He is the author of music for films, documentaries and animation, as well as of works exploring various formations and genres (instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed music). Performance and musical theater (as author, musician, and performer) also play an important role in his career. His research work in the field of musical creation and virtual environments, lead him to the fields of multimedia and installation. At the same time, he initiated a research work in the area of visual creation. Is the author of Monthey’04 (LIMSI, FR, 2008, Arc-et-Senan, FR, 2012), the Tonnetz series (MNAC, Lisbon, 2011), the Lady and the Unicorn (poem by Maria Teresa Horta, Temps d'Images, TMSL, Dom Quixote, 2013), co-author of Vertiges de l'image with the collective Les Phonogénistes (DVD, FR, 2011) and Natureza Morta | Stilleben with Susana de Sousa Dias (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Lisbon 2010).
http: www.sousadias.com

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