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CATEGORY Short Documentary/Timelapse
COUNTRY Portugal
DURATION 00:04:00
PRODUCER Nuno Martins
DIRECTOR Nuno Martins
SYNOPSIS ILLUMINARE Is a promotional short film about the costal town of Vila Real de Santo António. Timelapse was the main technique used to create it.
The title of the vídeo refers to the ‘Enlightenment’ period that was very important to support the foundation of the city. The city/VRSA was geometrically planned and designed according to the architectural ideals of its time. It is still a live example of the so-called period ‘Century of The Light’. The aim of the film was to record light in its various forms, either natural or artificial, trying to show clearly the connection between the light that comes from nature and the one that is suggested by men. This relation made the highlight of that time. This short film reveals the beauty of the city/county and tries to show the influence of the light that keeps it alive.

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