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The Grand Beryozov Musical Festival in Memory of Alexander Menshik


CATEGORY Documentary
THEMATIC CATEGORY Travel; Places In History
COUNTRY Russian Federation
DURATION 00:11:06
PRODUCER Alexander Efimov, Fedor Strizhkov
DIRECTOR Igor Sokolov
SYNOPSIS Despite being hidden away in the depths of the Siberian forests, little Berezovo is now famed even beyond Russia's borders. In the 18th century, it was the last residence of the friend and comrade of Peter the Great, Alexander Menshikov. The first governor of St. Petersburg, a leading military and state figure, following the monarch's death he was the victim of court intrigue, and together with his family he was exiled to a distant Siberian stockade. In memory of this favorite of Peter the Great, in 2015 it was decided that a musical festival be held at this historic site. Musicians came from the Marinsky Theater, an ensemble of the Russian Shostakovich Philharmonic and even a grand piano were sent to Berezovo. You can learn about the music festival, and the route that this giant instrument traveled to reach it, just like the exiled Menshikov before it, in a new film of Russian Travel Guide.

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