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Just Another Sing Sing

CATEGORY Promotion
DURATION 00:03:22
PRODUCER Behind The Mask
DIRECTOR Florian Fischer
SYNOPSIS Spirits, Snakes and Firework – just another Sing Sing.‘ Well, we came along quite a few so called Sing Sings. They are a display of culture and history manifested in dancing and singing. As each clan has its own this is where you can get a glimpse into the recent past of the people of Papua New Guinea. It may seem like old and forgotten traditions but make no mistake it is still present in the life of the people upon this day. In the hills behind Rabaul we are invited by theBaining people to witness a kind of Sing Sing that is mainly performed to ward off evil spirits … something that turns out to be by far the most impressing experience we had over the last 6 weeks traveling the country from one end to the other.

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