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The House of Spirits brought to Cape Espichel actors like

Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close

the Louvre museum received in 2006 about 7.3 million tourists, 50% driven by the film

The Da Vinci Code

Sesimbra\'s coastline, Arrábida and Cape Espichel were sets for


...and the sea so


Britain currently receive 130 million visitors that visit some of the local filming of

Harry Potter

The Making of the Shark Dronie



The Making of the Shark Dronie

Florian Fischer & Behind the Mask



What is 'The Shark Dronie‘ about?
Firstly, a 'dronie‘ is defined as a short video self-portrait (’selfie’) shot 100% with a drone (a mix between ‘selfie‘ and ‘drone‘ is: ’dronie’).
Secondly, ’The Shark Dronie’ is a dronie that starts high up over the ocean, goes down, breaks the surface and continues to a diver lay-ing on the bottom of the ocean who is surround-ed by sharks and who is actually piloting the drone.
What? A dronie shot by a diver, underwater, sur-rounded by sharks? Is that even possible?
Yes. And this is how:
Behind the Mask started planning for this dronie in June/July 2015. The actual film was then shot in December 2015 on the Bahamas.
The crew hung a 20 meter (60 feet) carbon pole below the drone with a camera on the end. The diver in the water had a remote in his hands (fit-ted into a under water camera housing) with a 50 meter (150 feet) cable this remote was con-nected with the boat where it operated a small servo motor attached to the real remote of the drone. This way the diver was able to pilot the drone up and down by turning a knob on the under water remote.
To realize that project, the guys from ‘Behind the Mask’ had to construct a carbon pole with a quick connection to the drone, as well as an un-derwater remote for the drone. They had to deal with current, swell, waves, rain, wind, sharks and a drone crash. It was a long way to get every-thing perfectly synchronized, but in the end they made it happen.
‘The Making of the Shark Dronie‘ shows how the idea and vision of an underwater dronie of a diver surrounded by sharks is finally transferred into reality.

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