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Britain currently receive 130 million visitors that visit some of the local filming of

Harry Potter

the Louvre museum received in 2006 about 7.3 million tourists, 50% driven by the film

The Da Vinci Code

The House of Spirits brought to Cape Espichel actors like

Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close

Sesimbra\'s coastline, Arrábida and Cape Espichel were sets for


...and the sea so


Masai Hoy



Masai Hoy

Enrique Amigo



The documentary was originated by a newspaper article about the award of the Red Cross to the work with the Maasai widows of Maria Carpio-Pérez, from Salamanca, Spain, who left her job as a broker in England to find income-generating activities for the poorest people in African lands. The film aims to show the traditions, customs and lifestyles of today Maasai tribe in Tanzania, as well as their organization and subsistence.

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