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the Louvre museum received in 2006 about 7.3 million tourists, 50% driven by the film

The Da Vinci Code

The House of Spirits brought to Cape Espichel actors like

Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep or Glenn Close

...and the sea so


Sesimbra\'s coastline, Arrábida and Cape Espichel were sets for


Britain currently receive 130 million visitors that visit some of the local filming of

Harry Potter

Fernando Santos


His commitment to the world of tourism allowed him to make 85 cruises and more than 700 days aboard across several continents, as well as other trips.
He is currently responsible for GlobalSea CruiseXperts, Travel agency focused to cruise tourism.
Fernando was the author and TV producer of “Cruzeiros” the weekly program on the Portuguese channel TV - SIC Notícias.
Continues to connect with online communication projects, having created the first Portuguese portal of cruise tourism in Portugal and holds interests in various newspapers and magazines with articles about tourism.
Fernando Santos participates regularly as a speaker and as a moderator in national and international conferences on Cruises.

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